Offshore Vehicle Propulsion Solutions

Pleuger offshore thrusters and propulsion units are state-of-the-art manoeuvring systems for offshore vehicles. Used in floating platforms (SEMISUB), work vehicles and supply vessels, our marine propulsion systems are all designed and made in Germany, guaranteeing long-lasting technical precision and quality.

Pleuger has proven expertise in the design and engineering of customized solutions for underwater mountable thrust units and tunnel thrusters for customers across the globe.


The Pleuger thruster for offshore applications has been developed specifically for the manoeuvrability and stability of semi-submersible rigs and drill ships as the main propulsion system to enhance dynamic positioning operations as well as to also counter the torque of the drilling drive unit.

The Pleuger Azimuth Thruster for ships has been developed especially for main propulsion systems, manoeuvring in port, or enhanced dynamic positioning. This makes it perfect for use in such applications as wind turbine installation, platform supply and any vessel requiring a high degree of manoeuvrability. Optional upgrades for ice-class design – up to the ice breaker class – or Z-drives are available.

For ship applications where maximum efficiency is desired while underway, the Pleuger Azimuth Thruster can be upgraded to a containerized retractable design. This configuration allows the thruster to be hydraulically retracted into the hull while not in use, reducing drag and saving on fuel costs.

The retractable design is also beneficial in situations where the vessel may encounter shallow drafts or underwater obstacles that could damage an otherwise unprotected thruster unit. This configuration can also be upgraded to underwater detachable configuration.

The Pleuger Azimuth Thruster for both offshore and ship applications can also be upgraded to ice-class requirements. Pleuger has great experience with ice-class regulations and a long history working with all the major classification societies. Designs can be supplied up to ice breaker class with ducted or un-ducted propellers.

Custom Designed Auxiliary Propulsion

In addition to typical thruster designs, Pleuger has designed numerous custom auxiliary propulsion units over the years. Some of the above thruster designs meet the extreme shock and signature requirements of Navy vessels such as nuclear and conventional submarines as well as aircraft carriers.

From submersible motors to diesel engine drives, Pleuger offers the solution for just about any propulsion need.

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