Municipal Water Supply

Water is a basic need for public health and safety, and yet many countries cannot adequately provide water to their human settlements. The World Health Organization notes that economic losses due to inadequate water and sanitation cost $260 billion per year. These issues make water supply a crucial strategic challenge for community leaders.

Pleuger Industries has extensive knowledge in this sector and is a leading provider of submersible pumps for water supply. We guarantee a safe and cost-effective water supply through pumps designed to withstand time and wear. Choose from our broad range of bore well pumps, bottom intake pumps and booster pumps – available in standard and customised designs.

Flood Control &
Groundwater Management

Floods are some of the most common and devastating natural hazards, especially for communities in coastal and low-lying regions. Recent changes in rainfall patterns make protection against flooding a key concern for many at-risk communities.

Pleuger Industries’ pumps play a central role in flood protection and drainage in projects across the globe. We offer both standard and engineered pumping station units that meet your specifications. Choose from our single- or multi-stage pumps with axial hydraulic impeller designs and water-filled motors, which pump large volumes of water at low pressure.

We maintain the highest standards for environmental protection and ensure that our solutions leave the landscape untouched.

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Pleuger Axial Flood Pump
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Agricultural Irrigation

As worldwide competition for water escalates, the economic draws of irrigation are clear. However, the processes can be costly, labour-intensive and damaging to the environment, especially when companies use unsuitable tools.

The key to irrigation efficiency is fit-for-purpose equipment. Our durable pumps are specially designed for narrow deep wells, which make them the smart solution for irrigation and drainage. Pleuger’s permanent magnet motor is up to 14% points more efficient than conventional induction motors. Since 90% of a submersible motor pump’s lifecycle costs are directly related to power consumption, our technology saves agricultural companies energy, time and money.

Pleuger offers efficient tools for agricultural irrigation and drainage. The ID-Codes on each of Pleuger’s submersible pumps help you select a unit for your specifications, depending on required diameter and capacities.

The global demand for water is a critical environmental and social issue. The Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that nearly 2 billion people will not have enough drinking water by 2025. Much of this is due to freshwater shortages, environmental change, desertification and habitat destruction.

Desalination can generate enough potable water to support populations with either drinking water or service water. We are proud of our achievements in creating robust, energy-efficient pumps for offshore applications. Pleuger’s borehole, beach well and booster pumps are reliable, cost-effective units for any organisation in the business of producing drinkable water.