PLEUGER offers solutions for those industries that drive a higher renewable energy penetration and provide cost-competitive electricity beyond fossil but natural resources.

Our performance pumps and motors, thruster ship drives, and monitoring solutions are used in many offshore applications aiming at tomorrow´s green energy. Reliability and high efficiency make PLEUGER a leading name in renewable offshore solutions worldwide.

HVDC power transmission – Converter stations for offshore power wind farms

Our pump solutions are the perfect fit for converter stations for offshore power wind parks.

Designed to perform for decades, PLEUGER submersible pumps offer economic, reliable and safe pump solutions for seawater lift and fire water applications. Installed in external or integrated hull caissons, our pumps give assurance of safety and reliability throughout operation, guaranteeing a save and reliable cooling process on any offshore converter platform.

PLEUGER submersible units are proven for performance and durability in the harshest of environments. Designed and built with using high-grade materials such as Super Duplex stainless steel, PLEUGER solutions offer highest levels of corrosion protection and are engineered to maximise both performance and reliability throughout the pump system.

We offer complete and customized systems to our clients and provide all electrical accessories, such as junction boxes, monitoring cabinets and complete drive systems. The PLEUGER transportation and storage equipment ensure a low-maintenance and environmentally friendly installation. 

PLEUGER Motor Monitoring Solutions

PLEUGER pump sensors provide comprehensive monitoring of the most important operating conditions to ensure a save and reliable operation of the motor​​​​​​​.


Pt100 Sub Temp sensor

  • Different designs: 1 sensor with a 3×2.5mm² cable/ 2 sensors with a 7×2.5mm² cable/ plug-in design with a 3×1.5mm² cable
  • Measures the temperature of the motor filling
  • Used as motor protection
  • Temperature can be real-time monitored as an operating value


  • Simple plug-in variant
  • Robust design
  • Flexible, water resistant cable


Vibration Sensor Pl-100 Sub Accelerometer (one axis)

Vibration Sensor PI-300 Sub Accelerometer (three axes X,Y,Z)

  • Sub Accelerometer monitores the mechanical condition of rotating components
  • Side entry for easy access
  • proven for submerged operation under pressure of up to 10 bar (100 m)
  • Can be used as motor protection
  • Resistant to oil


Motor fill monitoring sensor Pl-100 Sub Con

  • Used as leakage detection of the PLEUGER motor
  • System consists of the sensor, a cable and the monitoring controller.
  • The sensor measures the conductivity of the motor fill and its temperature.


  • Plug-in installation
  • Dual function
  • For PLEUGER Motors M8 to MI40
  • Alternative Solution for liquid reservoir

Geothermal and Hot Water Applications

Tapping natural Geothermal energy reservoirs, our custom designed hot water submersible pumps are highly efficient and reliable units. PLEUGER pumps are used worldwide in a range of district heating projects, including the Netherlands, Slovenia and Iceland.

Built for harsh environments and using only high-grade materials and winding wire for high water temperatures, PLEUGER submersible pumps guarantee operation, even in the most extreme conditions.