Submersible PumpSubmersible Pump Inside
Non-Return valve (discharge)
casted & robust design
Pump bowl
casted & robust design
Highly wear-resistant
journal bearings
Pump impeller
casted & keyed design
Pump shaft
Suction casing
Submersible motor

Our durable and precise submersible pump units of today's design are the result of the development of water-filled submersible motors. Submersible pumps, also known as deep well pumps, of the Pleuger brand are durable and maintenance-free products that meet all performance requirements. In addition to units in standard configuration, Pleuger also offers custom-made units to ensure the highest level of operational reliability and performance in all applications - even under the most difficult conditions.

Companies worldwide use Pleuger´s submersible pumps in multiple applications within the water, marine & offshore, oil & gas and mining industries. Our pumps come in sizes from 4’’ to 50’’. Pleuger’s single- and multi-stage pumps fit every specification, and the industries recognise them as reliable, efficient and durable units.

To ensure that our offer fits every need we use a variety of materials, from cast iron, bronze and NiAlBz, to stainless steel 316 and super duplex stainless steel.

Key Features:

  • Highly efficient motors and pump hydraulics
  • Maintenance-free and reliable
  • Cost-effective lifecycle
  • Drinking water safe
  • Space-efficient installation in wells
  • Floodproof
  • Safe against freezing
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Range of material grades
  • Optional installation accessories
  • Optional permanent magnet motor (PMM) technology

    Pleuger is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality submersible motors with customized and engineered motor solutions. High efficiency, customized corrosion protection, an extended power range manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our single- and multi-stage centrifugal pumps use either standard water-filled motors or oil-filled motors on request. Motor sizes are available from 4” to 50”.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Water-filled motors as standard
    • Oil-filled motors on request
    • Sizes: 4 to 50 inch
    • Power output: 0.37 kW to 5 MW (0.5 HP to 6,700 HP)
    • 230V to 6.6kV
    • 3PH - 50Hz & 60Hz
    • 2 pole (standard) to 12 pole available
    • Suitable for VFD operation
    • Operating temperature up to 100°C


    • Design Standards: ANSI / ASTM / DIN / ISO / Hydraulic Institute / CE marking / API 610
    • Hydraulic Standards: ANSI/HI / EN ISO / API610 / NFPA20
    • Electrical Standards: NEMA / IEC / IEEE
    • Certifications: DNV GL / ABS / CSA / ATEX
    • Approvals: ISO 9001

    Working ranges of PLEUGER submersible pumps
    (50 Hz), radial & semi-axial impeller

    Working ranges of PLEUGER submersible pumps
    (60 Hz) radial & semi-axial impellter

    Pleuger submersible pump units are available for a wide range of applications within the water, marine & offshore, oil & gas and mining industries. Discover our product range.

    Deep Well Pump

    Pleuger deep well pump units are single-stage or multi-stage centrifugal pumps which are typically  coupled with water-filled motors as standard. They are available as standard configuration from 4" motor size or in customized design from 6" - 50" motor size.

    Cavern Pump

    Pleuger cavern pumps ensure the safe and secure handling of critical liquids that are stored underground. They can handle liquids from crude oil to LPG, LNG, butane, propane, diesel, and gasoline and are also ideal for removing leak water that settles below the stored petroleum product.

    Bottom Intake Pump

    The motor is placed above the pump, and the intake is in the pump’s lower section, which allows to reduces the water line to shallow levels. Bottom intake pump units can be designed for vertical or inclined installations and are available in standard configuration or according to special customer requirements.

    Booster Pump

    Pleuger’s booster pump units are equipped with booster casings and are integrated horizontally or vertically into the system to increase pressure in the pipeline networks. Booster pump units are available in standard configuration or according to special customer requirements.

    Flood Pump

    Pleuger single- and multi-stage flood pumps operate with axial hydraulic designs and water-filled motors. These units are designed to process large volumes of water at low pressures. They can cover flow rates from 100 m³/h to 90,000 m³/h (high on request).