Pleuger - History

The story of PLEUGER stretches back to 1929 when Friedrich W. Pleuger innovated several technologies in submersible pump systems. These innovations transformed submersible pumping, and PLEUGER pumps were used all over the world to manage groundwater and flooding in major construction projects. PLEUGER pumps revolutionised the capabilities of heavy industry, as subways and complex draining systems were now easier, safer and cheaper to build.

A lot has changed during the 90 years of our history. However, since the company was founded, PLEUGER has remained true to its promise. Reliable. Always.

PLEUGER reliability has been proven through decades of experience in consulting, engineering and manufacturing for the most demanding applications around the world. Companies that use PLEUGER in their systems recognise this and have the highest expectations for the performance of our solutions.

Today we are one of the largest independent submersible motor manufacturers in the world.