Reliable Pumps for the Industry

Industrial processes need reliable and uninterrupted water supplies – when pumps fail, production grinds to a halt. Pleuger’s installations for the general industry are hardworking solutions that can withstand the stress and strain of constant use. Our submersible pumps need no maintenance, and they have a service life of 30+ years.

For every need, we have a solution. Our team researches and recommends materials to ensure resistance to corrosive or high-temperature water. We respond to challenges across the globe - whether designing special pumps for cooling or process applications in the metal, alloy or copper industry, our experienced engineers have the solution.

Fields of application:

  • Water supply
  • Cooling water
  • Processing plants
  • Firefighting

Pumps which supply the heat exchanger with cooling water play a crucial role in the continuity and efficiency of many production processes. Pleuger Industries offers cooling water pumps for all types of power plants up to a volume of 80,000 m³ / h.

Hot Water Applications

To guarantee operation even in extreme conditions, our portfolio of submersible pumps for hot water applications use a range of high-grade materials. Our hot water submersible pumps are an efficient solution and have heated homes in the Netherlands, Slovenia and Iceland as part of district heating projects.


  • District heating
  • Hot Water Transfer
  • Cooling water and process pumps
  • Solar Power
  • All-weather greenhouse energy
  • Thermal spas
  • Geothermal Energy

For pumping water with high temperatures, Pleuger offers a wide range of submersible pumps with special design features. The highly developed motor allows reliable solutions in industrial and geothermal applications and can be fitted with different winding wires.


  • 235 kW up to 100°C water temperature
  • 270 kW up to 85°C water temperature
  • Rewindable submersible motor