Sustainability Code

To document our progress in sustainability and make it transparent, PLEUGER has committed itself to the German Sustainability Code (DNK). By reporting according to the DNK standard, we can transparently present and continuously improve our sustainability performance. The DNK is a standard for sustainability reporting. It is based on five pillars, divided into 20 requirements and supplementary non-financial performance indicators selected from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS).

Social and Community Support

Pleuger are proud to support a range of projects that benefit society and the community as a whole, both locally, nationally and internationally. Here are a few of our most recent projects.

Developing the next generation of engineers

At Pleuger, much of our work is about optimizing the reliability and durability of our products. Pleuger people are leading experts in submersible pumps and motors. As part of a knowledge and expertise share for the next generation of engineers, we have partnered with some of Germany’s leading universities, as we explore new ways of analyzing, engineering and manufacturing. Our R&D, engineering and production teams are always looking for ways to optimize pump efficiency and reliability. Recent developments in hydraulics and motor technologies have realized significant efficiency improvements, with some options running at 94% efficiency. That is some serious energy savings over the lifetime of the pump.

Alster Fountain - Hamburg

In beautiful Hamburg, we are proud to make our contribution with the famous fountain in Alster Lake. The Pleuger name is synonymous with submersible pumps and motors, so it is only appropriate that we supply and maintain the pumping system for the most famous of fountains. Since 1987 we have worked together with HAMBURG WASSER and other sponsors for the operation of the Alster Fountain. This includes the overhaul, cleaning and maintenance of our Pleuger pump every winter.

From spring to autumn, locals and tourists alike can enjoy the fantastic view created by the Alster fountain. With an output of 70 kW (95 PS), our new Pleuger 8-inch submersible motor pump with permanent motor technology transports 180,000 litres of water per hour to a height of up to 60m.

Thanks to the use of this technology, we have been able to make the operation of the Alster Fountain even more efficient, thus reducing the energy consumption of the Alster Fountain by 22% compared to previous years. In addition, the oxygen enrichment of the water associated with the fountain leads to a significant improvement in water quality. This makes the Hamburg landmark more environmentally friendly, enabling Pleuger to contribute to a better world of tomorrow.

Cycling for the climate

Many PLEUGER employees participated in ″City cycling 2023″, a competition aiming to collect mileage by bike during three weeks primarily by commuting environmentally friendly to work - leaving the car at home. In 2023, the PLEUGER team gathered 5,390 km (3,349 miles) and took 143th place among 933 participating companies based in Hamburg!

Book about the Jewish life in Anklam, Germany

PLEUGER was able to contribute to the financing of a book that was published at the end of 2021 and describes the Jewish life of the city of Anklam, Germany: "I live and love my homeland ... Lifelines of Anklam Jews". The book was the result of a cooperation between various local associations and institutions, the city of Anklam, the regional history museum, a school and many other committed contributors.

On the basis of a multitude of family and individual portraits, supplemented with historical photographs, illustrations and contemporary documents, a comprehensive documentary overview of the Jewish citizens of the city in the historical course of time was created.

The book describes who they were, how they lived and what role they played in Anklam. From immigration, integration, development of local Jewish culture and the building of the synagogue and incredible suffering, a comprehensive picture of the Jewish community is thus drawn. The book, written on the occasion of the anniversary "1700 years of Jewish life in Germany", sets a monument to the Jewish citizens of Anklam and preserves their names - against looking away, against silence and against forgetting. The book is available for a donation at the “Museum im Steintor”, Anklam.

Jewish Educational Centres – Chabad

We regularly donate to support the Jewish Chabad centers around Germany including the two new large projects of Chabad Berlin and Hamburg. The Chabad centres have set themselves the goal of reviving or enriching Jewish life worldwide. One project we are particularly proud to support is the renovation and restoration of the educational center at Rothenbaumchaussee in Hamburg, which was completed in 2020. It is now one of the most important anchor points of Jewish life in Hamburg.

Sternenbrücke children's hospice, Hamburg

During the anniversary celebrations on the occasion of Pleuger's 90th anniversary in June 2019 all employees and relatives as well as invited companies celebrated the company's success together. During the event, we collected for the Hamburg children's hospice Sternenbrücke, which has been caring for terminally ill children with great dedication since 2003. After the event, several thousand euros were handed over to the institution.

Help for Ukraine

Pleuger has been collecting donations for Ukraine since the beginning of March 2022. The daily reports from the war zone leave all employees stunned and speechless. For the Ukraine support, we have a contact with a forwarding agency that picks up the donations and collects them directly to Ukraine. With medicines, food, consumer goods for children and adults, accessories, and equipment, the employees could make a small contribution to this humanitarian catastrophe. Pleuger also donated Whiteboards for children from Ukraine arriving in Germany for their first school lesson. Pleuger would like to thank all employees for their commitment.