Azimuth Thrusters

Pleuger’s offshore thrusters are inused on semisubmersible platforms (SEMISUB), and as propulsion devices for multipurpose and supply vessels.

Key Features

  • Robust design
  • Thrust-optimized propellers (FP and CP)
  • Easy installation
  • Sophisticated solution for underwater detachment on SEMISUB projects
  • Optional coaxial 7° tilt of propeller axis for minimizing thrust losses due to thruster-thruster or thruster-hull interaction
  • Symmetrical thrust bearing allows for free windmilling in stand-by
  • Project-dedicated control interface and auxiliaries
  • Continuous, draft-based regulation of oil pressure for SEMISUB applications
  • Taylor-made thrusters up to 5.500kW (7,376 HP) and 5m propeller diameter designed to meet any customer specification


  • Offshore drilling platforms
  • Drill ships
  • Dynamic positioning vessels
  • Supply vessels
  • Special purpose vessels
  • Anchor handling vessels
  • Tug boats
Support for Main Motor incorporated into Receptacle Massive Weight Reduction on Intermediate Deck
Self-aligning Drive Shaft, NO Motor alignment required
Press Fit Connection for the fastest underwater Installation of the Thrust Unit
Sophisticated Heavy Duty Gear set with 90° or 97° angle
Full Duplex Thrust Bearing for unlimited Windmilling

Technical Specifications

The Pleuger standard supply is a L-type configuration of the drive train combined with a fixed pitch propeller (FPP). On request, additional Z-drives or controllable pitch propellers (CPP) are available as well.

  • Fixed pitch propeller (FP)
  • Controllable pitch propeller (CP)
  • Under-water mountable type
  • L-Drive
  • Z-Drive
  • Power up to 5.500kW (7,376 HP)
  • Propeller up to Ø5m
  • Ice class on request