Up-, Mid- & Downstream Applications

Pleuger has been working with clients in the oil & gas industry for decades. Pleuger pumps have a reputation for being some of the best for design, manufacture and service. We can provide standardized products quickly anywhere in the world. For a customized product our dedicated ETO team are highly experienced in design and manufacture for the most challenging up-, mid- and downstream applications.

Offshore Upstream Applications

Our durable pumps, designed for immediate use and multiple applications, have made us a leading manufacturer of submersible pumps for the industry, making Pleuger the best solution for offshore upstream applications.

Our durable, easy to service and high-performance pumps are used on rigs globally for a broad range of critical applications such as sea water lift, cooling water, boosting, ballast/de-ballast, firefighting and drain caisson applications. 

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Midstream Applications

A Pleuger submersible pump is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a low maintenance, durable pump solution. Installed in caissons – which are either placed outside or integrated into the hull – our submersible pumps are economically friendly options that guarantee safe and reliable seawater lift and fire water applications.
Pleuger’s electrical submersible pumps offer significant advantages to vertical line shaft pumps (VTP):

  • Low maintenance
  • Cost-effective lifecycle
  • ATEX certificate
  • Optimized installation
  • Flood- & freezeproof
  • Low noise & vibrations

A major application in the midstream market: Seawater lift pumps
Further applications: Firefighting pumps, jockey pumps, cooling water pumps, booster pumps, process pumps

Downstream Applications:
Underground Cavern Storage

Pleuger makes high-quality custom pump systems for the underground storage of hydrocarbon liquids.

Reliable, ATEX-certified cavern pumps ensure the safe and secure handling of critical liquids that are stored underground. Pleuger’s submersible pumps can handle liquids from crude oil to LPG, LNG, butane, propane, diesel, and gasoline.
In addition to their lift and transport applications, Pleuger’s cavern pump units are also ideal for removing unwanted water that settles below the stored petroleum product. All leaks are collected and then periodically pumped to the top of the cavern.
Our 90+ years of experience in producing electric submersible motors coupled with our Centre of Excellence and 24/7 support, make Pleuger a name you can trust.