As reliability experts in submersible pumps and motors we provide sound engineering expertise and specialist advice

As leading experts for reliability in submersible pump and motor systems, our design and engineering teams are often called upon to solve some of today’s toughest challenges.

From retrofitting new solutions to subsea oil storage facilities in the North Sea, system analysis and improvements for various offshore platform applications; to potable water distribution across some of the most barren desert on the planet; PLEUGER’s expertise has been paramount in increasing reliability, or upgrading efficiency and performance; while at the same time reducing long-term operating cost for the customer.

Our Engineering department is on hand to help you with your engineering challenges, including feasibility studies, design proposals for new installations, or plans to remodel, expand 
or upgrade existing submersible pumping systems.

As world experts in submersible pump systems, our engineering and design teams can provide a range of consulting services. This enables you to plug in expertise where it is needed and accelerate your project.


We support new product development and capital projects to help drive performance, reduce development cost and shorten time to market.


We troubleshoot machinery and process systems to eliminate recurring mechanical seal failures and instabilities and help reduce operating cost and downtime.

We have extensive test facilities that can be used by 3rd party manufacturers and end users that need specialist test capabilities at our Centres of Excellence in Hamburg and Orleans

PLEUGER provides 10kV electrical test capabilities, 7 test stands for various pump alignments and types, multiple craneage options and configurations, and easy transport and packing and dispatch capabilities.


Submersible pumps, horizontal installation:
Maximum capacity: 40,000 m3/h (176.115 USGPMl)
Maximum head: 60 m (197 ft)
Submersible pumps, vertical installation:
Maximum capacity: 4,500 m3/h (19,813 USGPM)
Maximum head: 1000 m {3,281 ft)
Plunger and centrifugal pumps:
Maximum and capacity: 1,200 m3/h (5,283 USGPM)
Maximum head: 4,000 m (13,123 ft)
Centrifugal pumps:
Maximum capacity: 8,600 m3/h (37,864 USGPM) Maximum head: 160 m (S25 ft)
Test stand depth: 40 m (131 ft)

Testing includes high-pressure cycling, thermal cycling, rotor balance and vibration tests. Recorded electrical and hydraulic test data are validated by our engineering teams. FEA tools are used for new component design in high-power, high-speed motor developments.


General voltage supply:
220-10,000 V at 50 Hz
200- 1.000 V at 60 Hz

Power supply:
1,500 kW at 50 Hz
211 kW at 60 HZ


Packing facilities:
4,5 X 4,5 X 20 m (14.7 X 14.7 X 65.6 ft),
up to 40 tonnes (44 US tonnes)

    Engineering, consultancy or testing

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    Comprehensive care packages,
    designed around your needs, to support
    and extended the lifetime of your equipment.



    Design Standards: API 610 ANSI - ASTM - CE marking - DIN - Hydraulic Institute - ISO - NORSOK - Customer specific or tailored
    Hydraulic Standards: API610 - ANSI/HI - NFPA20
    Electrical Standards: EC - IEEE - NEMA. Certifications: ACS - ABS - CSA - DNV GL