Tunnel Thrusters

Transverse thrusters, also known as bow thrusters, stern thrusters or tunnel thrusters, provide a side force, or transverse thrust, to support mooring operations or position keeping. Pleuger transverse or tunnel thrusters are renowned for their durability and ease of installation. They are installed on ships ranging from cruise liners to specialist application vessels such as drill ships throughout the world.

Pleuger standard supply is a L-type drive train with gear, propeller and tunnel section. Tunnel thrusters can be delivered with fixed pitch propeller (FP) and frequency converter. Alternatively, controllable pitch propellers (CP) with a corresponding hydraulic pitch unit can be provided.

Key Features

  • Robust design
  • Thrust-optimized propellers (FP and CP)
  • Easy installation
  • Project-dedicated control interface and auxiliaries
  • Main drive including frequency converter and controls can be included in scope of supply
  • Taylor-made thrusters up to 5.500kW (7,376 HP) nd 5m propeller diameter designed to meet any customer specification


  • Cruise liners
  • Container vessels
  • Drill ships
  • Dynamic positioning vessels
  • Supply vessels
  • Special purpose vessels
  • Anchor handling vessel
  • Tug boats

Technical Specifications

  • Fixed pitch propeller (FP)
  • Controlable pitch propeller (CP)
  • L-Drive
  • Z-Drive
  • Power up to 5.500kW (7,376 HP)
  • Propeller up to Ø5m