Pleuger cavern pump units are single-stage or  multi-stage centrifugal pumps which are typically  coupled with water-filled motors as standard, or oil-filled motors  for special applications. For this application the motor is assembled below the pump and the suction area is located above the motor. For cavern pumps, the power supply cable is contained in a water-filled protection pipe (water-filled motors with ATEX-certificate) or a special armored cable is connected with a plug to the motor (oil-filled motors). The special design ensures a safe operation in explosive atmospheres. Cavern pump units are manufactured according to customer specification only.


  • Pumps with flanged bowl designs (starting from 6“ / P, Q, K, S – series)
  • Pumps with tie-rod designs (6” – 8” / N - series)
  • Pumps with radial-, semi-axial- and axial-design hydraulics
  • Individual customization to duty point requirements
  • Non-return valves and non-return-flaps in different connection sizes and designs
  • Rewindable motors from 6" motor size and bigger
  • Synchronous (Permanent-Magnet Motors) and asynchronous induction motors
  • As standard design water-filled motors
  • Oil-filled motors for special applications
  • Internal volume and pressure compensating motor design
  • Improved internal cooling system for 10” motor size and bigger
  • Units for vertical and inclined applications
  • Multiple materials available
  • Pumps and motors for special applications
    • Twin-shaft motors
    • Motors with additional/external cooling systems
    • Motors for explosive atmosphere applications 
    • Motors for special voltage requirements
    • Motors according to customer specifications
    • Units for turbine operation and energy recuperation
    • Units for hot water applications

Available designs

  • Cavern pump units (for explosive atmosphere applications)


  • Engineering and manufacturing from one source ensure best possible functionality of all components
  • Worldwide operating service network
  • Versatile product sizes and designs for almost all application areas
  • Maintenance-free
  • Internal volume and pressure compensating motor design for high operational safety and reliability in extreme installation depths
  • Very quit operation / low noise emission
  • Protected against vandalism
  • Flood proof (IP68) and frost proof
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy installation without complex adjustment or alignment work


  • Mining (Dewatering and Water Supply)
  • Process Pumps
  • Crude Oil Export Pump
  • Pumping of Refinery Products like Diesel, Gasoline and Liquid Gases like LPG (Propane, Butane) and LNG 
  • Cavern Storage of Crude Oil and Refinery Products
  • Leak Water Pumps for Caverns
  • Offshore- und Onshore

Technical Details

  • Discharge Flow: 5 m³/h - 4500 m³/h
  • Discharge Head: 7 m - 700 m 
  • Non-Return Valves with DIN or ANSI/ASME Flange Connections
  • Non-Return Valves with DIN or NPT Flange Connections
  • Motors from 6” to 50” with Rewindable Design
  • Water-Filled Motors as Standard, or Oil-Filled Motors for Special Applications: 0.37 kW – 5 MW
  • Water-Filled Synchronous Motors (Permanent Magnet Motors): 5 kW – 200 kW
  • Voltage Range: 230 V – 6.6 kV (11kV on Request)
  • 2-pole to 12-pole Motor Designs for 50 Hz and 60 Hz
  • Multiple Materials Available
  • Pump Impellers in Materials PPE Plastic, Bronze, Stainless Steel and Super Duplex
  • Pump Bowls in Material Cast Iron, Bronze, Stainless Steel and Super Duplex