Pleuger offshore solutions attracted keen interest in Houston

  • Pleuger's comeback attracted a great deal of customer interest
  • German Pavilion of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy provided prestigious stage to drive US expansion forward

Pleuger presented its extensive portfolio of special pump solutions for offshore applications at the 50th Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas USA at the beginning of May. Since Pleuger is currently pushing ahead with the establishment of its US subsidiary and would like to offer powerful on-site support, the mission was clear: to start conversations as a German medium-sized company, independent and global player on the US market. The German Pavilion of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy offered a prestigious stage for this.

Located close to renowned German exhibitors, Pleuger's sales team presented a comprehensive portfolio of high-tech products that are used in many applications of the offshore industry worldwide. The host of the pavilion was the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, which is an important partner for Pleuger to expand its contacts in the world market. To serve this market even better, Pleuger's primary goal is to further expand its network of sales representatives, distributors and service partners. The participation in the OTC therefore also served to make the company known and establish contacts.

Pleuger underwater motor pumps, which are operated with a water-filled motor and are used as durable and maintenance-free products in many offshore applications, were the focus of the trade fair appearance. Pleuger offers manufactured units of submersible motor pumps as well as plunger pumps. Both types are offered in standard configurations and customized to guarantee maximum operational safety and performance under the most adverse conditions.

As the traditional Pleuger brand had been integrated into major global groups for several decades, the trade fair was a good opportunity for Pleuger to present itself in the USA as an independent medium-sized company. With years of experience in the industry for customized solutions and standard pumps, Pleuger lives up to its reputation as the manufacturer of submersible motor pumps. "Numerous communications with customers in Houston showed us that the name Pleuger is perceived in the industry as a quality guarantee for pumps. To meet this demand in the future as well, we are currently investing in the establishment of a US subsidiary. Our goal is to provide our customers with effective on-site support and customer service," saysManaging Director of Pleuger, summing up his impressions of the trade fair.