PLEUGER USA (CT) specializes in the development, upgrade, repair, and maintenance of submersible motor pumps. Pleuger USA emerged from the company AVI international, who were specializing in power generation and wastewater treatment pumps. Our experienced technical team can help you with all your submersible motor pump or circulator pump needs, from redesigning windings to mechanical retrofits to evaluating operating procedures. AVI offers its customers one of the best support networks in the industry for service, technical expertise, and spare parts.

We look forward to supporting you today and in the future.

We serve the Industries of Power Generation, Water, Mining, Oil and Gas

Our Service Capabilities

As experienced submersible motor professionals, we can repair every aspect of submersible motors, from winding to welding. In most instances, we do the entire process in location, which increases efficiency, improves quality control, controls production costs for our clients, and increases communications between our employees and customers. Minimize downtime and optimize performance with original PLEUGER services. We service original PLEUGER units, but many manufacturers more; just get in contact in case you need a professional repair.


We provide a complete set of alignment checks. A significant problem involves the alignment of the rotating assembly within the pressure vessel and the pump bowl. We include in our disassembly and inspection a complete set of alignment checks to show the relative position of the rotor pack and impeller.

Root Cause Failure Analysis

Identifying the problem is the first step of the process as we strive to bring exceptional life, service, and reliability to your pump. We have developed a detailed inspection process, with upwards of 175+ measurements, to verify the integrity of each component. 

Analyzing the root cause – A wide range of conditions can cause problems with malfunctioning pumps. Our team understands how to isolate the root cause and is the ideal partner to find a solution to repair the pump unit. We check the entire system, including the shaft line, motor, hydraulics, hydraulic coupling, and gearbox.

Motor Winding

We offer the rewinding of low and medium-voltage submersible motors. Most of our cable is manufactured to meet our requirements from USA sources; where a specific cable design is unavailable from the USA, Germany is our alternative source. Our experience and craftsmanship provide our customers with a motor whose coils are formed to perfection, stabilized in the slot to prevent reeding, and placed to allow for maximum efficiency, all while allowing the proper water cooling flow to pass. We boast the most experienced winding team in the industry and provide comprehensive training for the future of this exceptional level of skill.

Vulcanized Cable Splicing

We offer professional cable splicing utilizing a vulcanization process instead of antiquated tape joint techniques.


Our in-house balancing service uses the latest Dynamic Balancing technology to provide reliable, cost-effective operation of rotors for balancing and vibration analysis. Our precision balancing system is a valuable resource for manufacturing and overhauling units for the power generation industry. Our technicians and engineers understand your specific operating environment when balancing your equipment, producing accurate results, and ensuring long-term and reliable service.

All Balancing is performed to meet or exceed the following certifications: Nema, Government ISO, 2W/N Scale, API, and MIL specifications.


Our facility has all the necessary equipment to refurbish Submersible pump units or Boiler Water Circulating Pumps.


PLEUGER USA has a fully equipped workshop for motor testing and years of experience for any submersible motor test. We offer a complete check, including motor leakage tests, high-pressure cycling, thermal cycling, rotor balance, and vibration tests. Our engineering teams validate recorded electrical and hydraulic test data. We can complete no-load test on motors at the specified voltage and frequency up to 2000HP at 6600V. For our pump testing facilities, please get in touch with us to help.

Expertise – Field Service

We can provide several site support services to ensure the reliability and performance of our client’s submersible motors. Our experienced field service engineers can provide commissioning, installation, start-up, fault-finding supervision, and training.


Our team has been repairing Boiler Water Circulation Pumps for our dedicated customers at power stations worldwide for over 25 years. We maintain an extensive stock of critical spares, including emergency spare parts for winding many styles of Boiler Water Circulating pumps from 250 hp -1400 hp Hayward Tyler, KSB, Ingersoll Rand, and Flowserve. We also provide original Aldrich Reciprocating Pumps spare parts.

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