Our customer training programmes ensure the
ongoing reliable operation of your equipment.

Ensure your equipment operators and service staff have the knowledge and skills to optimize system and equipment performance and increase reliability of your pump systems.

Our leading engineers provide the training and technical support your team needs.

Training courses are flexible to cater to any individual needs, from an operator or plant technician who must understand how to correctly start up your equipment, to a manager who simply needs an overview of equipment functionality, operation, and maintenance.

Single day product awareness 
Product awareness training over the day, to demonstrate key features and considerations for equipment use. 

Multi-day operation and maintenance 
PLEUGER multi-day courses educate users on the operation and maintenance of your specific equipment. 

We have a wide range of standard courses for our products but can also create training programs customized to specific needs.

Our programmes can be tailored for teams or individuals
who are new operators, as well as refresher training.

On-site and off-site training facilities
All training is delivered by experienced PLEUGER specialists and supported by experts in specific subject areas. We can host training at any of our facilities around the globe, your facility, or an off-site location that’s convenient for your staff. 

When training courses are held at either our Hamburg or Orleans facilities, they include a tour of the plant showing the processes we use to build your equipment.

Courses comprise both classroom
and workshop activities


Submersible Pumps

  • General function
  • Working range of Pumps
  • Cavitation and NPSH value and air suction of pumps
  • Necessary submergence of pumps
  • Erosion and Abrasion of pumps
  • Down and up thrust of pumps

PLEUGER Submersible water-filled motors

  • Design overview
  • Motor functions
  • Cooling design of motors
  • Starting of motors
  • Monitoring submersible motors
  • Application of oil filled motors & pumps
  • Submersible pumps / motors duty maintenance and repair
  • Manuals

Installation of Submersible Pumps & Motors

  • Maintenance of pumps / motors
  • Transportation and storage
  • Sample technical data of pump and motor
  • Detailed information about installation
  • Electrical connection of motor cables, motor protection etc.
  • Motor filling, type of filling fluid, procedure of filling
  • Commissioning, start-up and shut-down pumps/motors
  • Maintenance of pump and motor, general information
  • Sample repair instruction for water-filled submersible pump & motor

    Customer training enquiry

    Our programmes can be tailored for teams or individuals who are new operators, as well as refresher training.

    Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, some training may not currently be possible. Where we can we are replacing in-person training with online training over MS Teams or Zoom.

    Please provide your details we will discuss the available options.

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    Comprehensive care packages,
    designed around your needs, to support
    and extended the lifetime of your equipment.



    Design Standards: API 610 ANSI - ASTM - CE marking - DIN - Hydraulic Institute - ISO - NORSOK - Customer specific or tailored
    Hydraulic Standards: API610 - ANSI/HI - NFPA20
    Electrical Standards: EC - IEEE - NEMA. Certifications: ACS - ABS - CSA - DNV GL