Groundwater development
Whether for drinking, service and irrigation water purposes: The development of groundwater is becoming an increasingly important topic for many areas. Pleuger Industries ensures reliable implementation of groundwater development plans worldwide with its high-quality "Made in Germany" technology in its pumps and other products.

Municipal and urban water supply
The task of municipal and municipal water supply is an increasingly important strategic task for cities and communities. Pleuger Industries has - in addition to its widely used product range - extensive know-how in projects in this area.

Drinking water supply
The German Industrial Standard 2000 demands: "Drinking water should be appetizing and stimulating enjoyment. It must be colorless, clear and cool, as well as smelly and flavourless. "And a lot more. With the result: Germany is one of the countries where you can safely drink the water from the tap. Pleuger Industries pumps and Pleuger products in the water sector are "Made in Germany" and thus support these - in a global comparison - high quality and continuous requirements.

Agriculture (irrigation and drainage)
Agricultural products can not be produced in the same way with rainwater in all regions of the world. If agricultural products are traded, so is the trade of so-called "virtual water" connected. This refers to the water that is used directly and indirectly for production. The use of this water is also dependent on the quality and efficiency of the technical products used in this field. This is where Pleuger Industries water pumps are used. They fulfill the highest efficiency and quality - worldwide - Made in Germany!

Other applications and fields of application of Pleuger products in the water sector:

  • Water treatment and distribution
  • Deep well and well extraction
  • Flood and flood protection, drainage
  • Desalination
  • Drainage and lowering
  • Construction projects (drainage and water supply)
  • Booster systems
  • flow channels
  • Installation in pipelines

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