Oil & gas

Sea water pumping
Quality high performance pumps for aggressive substances like salt water require reliability and ruggedness. Pleuger Industries offers such proven high performance pumps for this segment, Pleuger offers underwater motor pumps that can cover any application.

Process pumps
Pleuger Industries process pumps are world-renowned pumps used in a variety of liquid media such as oil and gas, whether for pumping liquids in refineries, petrochemical or chemical plants.

Promotion of refinery products such as diesel, gasoline and liquefied gases such as LPG (propane, butane) and LNG (natural gas)
Refinery pumps have special requirements as pumps for the extraction of petroleum and derived products from refineries, petrochemical plants and the chemical industry. They are used in the temperature range from 120 ° C to +450 ° C at a pressure up to about 65 bar. Pleuger Industries offers a variety of specialty solutions for the extraction of refinery products.

Offshore and onshore applications
Pleuger Industries special pumps are available worldwide for both onshore and offshore Offshore applications successfully in use. The high level of performance, the compact design and the longevity in continuous operation make Pleuger an internationally sought after supplier in the offshore and onshore sector.

Other applications and fields of application of Pleuger products in the oil and gas sector:

  • Booster systems
  • Emergency drainage
  • Cooling water pumps
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Cleaning and rinsing processes
  • Ballast pumps
  • Service water and bilge pumps
  • Extraction of crude oil
  • Cavern storage of crude oil and refinery products
  • Installation in pipelines
  • Leakage water pumps

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