Offshore drilling rigs
In the case of offshore production, the very cost-intensive management of oil fields at sea, the highest possible production rate is more important than on land, where lower running costs are incurred. Special pumps such as those from Pleuger Industries play a decisive role in terms of reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Special ships
Specializing in complex, high-value, high-tech vessel types and offshore technology requires constant innovation in pump technology, be it submersible pumps, plunger pumps or thrusters. Pleuger Industries offers a comprehensive range of products for this segment.

Other applications and fields of application of Pleuger Marine products:

  • Booster systems
  • Sea water pumping
  • Emergency drainage
  • Process pumps
  • Cooling water pumps
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Cleaning and rinsing processes
  • Ballast pumps
  • Industrial water and bilge pumps
  • Leak water pumps
  • Azimuth Thruster
  • Tunnel Thruster