Pleuger Products: Worldwide in use in over 6 industries

Pleuger products are used reliably and successfully in many different industries, markets and applications worldwide. We offer a solution for almost every requirement for our customers.
Find out in this area in which application areas our pumps can be found among other things. This is just an exemplary listing of application examples. If you have questions about other areas, please contact us.

From groundwater development, water storage, municipal water supply, drinking water, booster systems, irrigation in agriculture to flood control - find out about our diverse applications in the field of water, which can be successfully operated by our pumps and motors.

Oil & gas
Whether for offshore or onshore applications on platforms, special ships or in caverns - the extraction of seawater, crude oil or refinery products such as diesel, gasoline and liquid gases requires the highest quality standards. Robust pumps and motors from Pleuger have been providing this quality and reliability for decades in all applications in the oil and gas industry.

General industry
Dewatering and irrigation in opencast mines, pressure booster stations, installation in pipelines, process water, process water, hot water production - just a few of many other fields of application for our products. Here you will find more information from many other industrial sectors.

Whether fertilizer production, fire protection applications or applications in the field of process water - Pleuger pumps and motors are increasingly being used in the chemical sector.

For the field of conventional energy production with coal, gas and oil, but also in particular for renewable energy garden such as geothermal, hydropower, solar and offshore wind energy: The applications of Pleuger pumps as cooling and hot water pumps in the energy sector are extremely versatile. The high quality standard is always fulfilled by Pleuger products.

In the entire marine sector, pumps with above-average demands on the quality and performance of the components are used. Find out more about our pump solutions for this area here.